Kammounet Banadoura (Special Bulgur Mix with Tomato Sauce)

July 10, 2018by Sara Assi


2 whole tomatoes, processed with 1 TBS tomato paste

1.5-2 cups kammouneh (recipe follows)


Combine the tomato puree with the kamoune

Spread in serving plate

drizzle with olive oil

serve with bread and a mix of fresh vegetables

*Don’t prepare a long time before serving because the bulgur will get soggy*


**a special bulgur with some herbs, vegetables and spice mix – specialty of south lebanon**


1 kg fine wheat bulgur

A handful of parsely

One medium onion

Some basil leaves

A few marjoram leaves (مردكوش)

A handful of mint leaves

Hot pepper (optional)

Dried edible roses

1/2  a green/red pepper- or both ( فليفلة خضراء او حمراء)

2 tsp Kibbe spices

1 tsp Black pepper, a pinch of cumin and salt


Process all the above in the food processor (without bulgur) then add the bulgur pulse a few times until well incorporated

Use immediately or  allow to dry on a wide plate for a few hours and freeze



Sara Assi

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