Spinach Quinoa Chicken Salad

July 9, 2018by Sara Assi


Baby Spianch
Toasted pine nuts
Cherry tomato
Diced Avocado
Red onions
Black raisins
Grilled chicken

For the chicken:
Cook thin slices of chicken in a pan woth black pepper, salt and lemon zest

For the quinoa:
Boil 1 and 1/3 cups water
Add 2/3 cups quinoa
Simmer covered until water is absorbed
Let quinoa cool on a plate before using

Mix all salad ingredients together
Serve with sesame balsamic dressing

Sesame balsamic dressing:
Combine together
4 TBS balsamic vinegar
4 TBS lemon juice
2 tsp dijon or normal mustard
salt and black pepper
while mixing also add
1/4 cup oil
1 tsp sesame oil gradually in a thin steady thread until mixture thickens

Sara Assi

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