Kibbe bl Sayneyeh

July 9, 2018by Sara Assi



500 grams kibbeh nayyeh (ground beef) 

400 grams finely minced beef 

A handful of pine nuts

Spices (cinnamon, 7 spices, sweet spice بهار حلو( summac

2 big onions finely chopped 

300 grams of kammouneh (recipe follows) 

300 grams of fine bulgur 


Mix the kammouneh with the fine bulgur and put water until the water is 2-3 cm above the mix and cover fir 20-30 mn and then start kneading until a dough forms add the كبة نية and knead until they are mixed well and separate to two equal pieces 

For the filling sauté pine nuts in olive oil and the onions then the meat and spices and when its done sprinkle some summac and mix 

Bring it all together 

Spread the first half of the kibbe dough then the filling then the other piece of the kibbe dough (use water on your hands to help spread it easily) drizzle some olive oil, cut the kibbe and put a pine nut on each piece

In the oven for around 40 minutes and brown from top w sahtein

Oh i forgot i serve it with minted garlic-ed yogurt and cucmber


 **a special bulgur with some herbs, vegetables and spice mix – specialty of South Lebanon** 


1 kilogram fine wheat bulgur

A handful of parsely 

One medium onion 

Some basil leaves

A few marjoram leaves (مردكوش)

A handful of mint leaves 

Hot pepper (optional) 

Dried edible roses 

1/2  a green/red pepper- or both ( فليفلة خضراء او حمراء) 

2 tsp Kibbe spices 

1 tsp Black pepper, a pinch of cumin and salt 


Process all the of the ingredients in the food processor (without bulgur)

add the bulgur pulse a few times until well incorporated 

Use immediately or  allow to dry on a wide plate for a few hours and freeze!

Sara Assi

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