Exotic Shrimp Salad

July 9, 2018by Sara Assi


Baby red romaine lettuce
Baby green romaine lettuce
Baby spinach
Baby arugula
1/2 cup diced mango
1/2 cup diced canned pineapple
1/2 an avocado diced
(Make sure they are all diced the same size)
1/2 kilograms jumbo shrimp, pealed and deveined (u can leave the tails on, it gives a better look!)
Salt, black pepper, paprika, white pepper, lemon zest
2 tsp olive oil

For the shrimp:
Heat a pan, add olive oil, season with the spices and lemon zest
Cook for 3 mn on each side
Remove from pan and let cool a little before adding to salad

Dressing: (combine these together)
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 TBS olive oil
1 TBS coriander
Salt and black pepper to taste




Sara Assi

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